Your personal data
is collected...

Everything you watch,
click, and like online is

And it doesn't stop there. Companies can combine all this data to figure out who you are, what you're interested in, or what you're worried about...

They collect your most intimate details

Check the boxes to find out what personal information they know about you!
What data do you think is collected?
Your character traits?
Your mental health?
Where you work?
Desire to lose or gain weight?
Whether you have loans?
If you're pregnant?
Possible STD's?
Political preferences?

All this is done invisibly

Hover with your mouse over the page to find out where and how they collect data from you!
We are very unhappy with all this data hoarding! Luckily, we can make the online world a better place.
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Scrolled down
Ads watched
Post liked
Time spent
Videos watched
Clicks on websites
Posts liked
Ads watched
Pages visited
Buttons clicked
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Links opened
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Personal data
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What does a future without data collection look like?

In a future with the new EU Digital Services Act, companies should be much more limited when it comes to profiling and collecting your personal information.

They should tell you transparently why they’re showing you the content and advertising that you are seeing, and give you more control over what you get to see.

Let's find out more

Now they can track you so well, how is this data used to sell you products and change how you see the world?
Find out about surveillance-based advertising in the next chapter.
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