Let's act for a future without manipulation

The Digital Services Actis a way to stop online manipulation in Europe

We want you to choose freely and make truly informed choices about how we live our lives. By strengthening the EU Digital Services Act (DSA), we can stop the use of manipulative and coercive interfaces and give control back to you.

The EU Digital Services Act will introduce new European rules to set a global standard. The Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament will make sure your voice is heard. We believe that users deserve design features that respect their free will, their rights and their freedoms.

How will we  fight for your rights  in the EU Digital Services Act?

By ending the collection and use of personal data for the purpose of showing micro-targeted and behavioural advertising.
By stopping the manipulation of human behaviour through dark patterns, deceptive features and manipulative designs.
By improving your choice online, challenging big tech gatekeepers and ensuring there is more competition.
Introducing meaningful transparency and control over recommendation algorithms in the DSA.

Take action for a future without manipulation

Act now
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