About this campaign

How we fight for your digital rights

The EU’s new digital flagship law, called the EU Digital Services Act (DSA), presents an opportunity for us to build a better internet. This is a chance to fight for an internet that is democratic and safe, and where making money is not more important than open public debate and functioning democracies.

who we are

This initiative is led by the Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament. The Greens/EFA are 73 Members of the European Parliament, made up of Green, EFA, Pirate and independent politicians.

The Greens/EFA have been making a difference and fighting to make Europe the global leader in terms of climate and environmental protection, peace and social justice, fair globalisation, and in the fight for human and digital rights, and self-determination.

Contact us

Do you or your community want to join us in defending people’s digital rights or see your work appear on the societal harm page?

Tell us how we can fight together for an internet that works for people and is led by people! E-mail us at act@greens-efa.eu.
This campaign was designed and developed by Liesbeth Smit / The Online Scientist

Inspired by kortecursusmanipulatie.nl, a research project by Bits of Freedom and Holly Robbins.

Act now
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