Have you ever tried to refuse cookies?

Cookie banners are a good example of dark patterns, because they trick you into giving away your personal data.
Scroll down to find out for yourself!

Cookie banners are tricking you into consent!

Platforms design their websites and apps to influence your choices and behaviour.

They trick you into giving away your privacy and make their platforms as addictive as possible to make more money.

This is called dark patterns, a form of manipulation.

Did you know that you  don't have to accept  cookies?

According to European privacy law and data protection rules, companies can only track you if you freely give specific, informed and unambiguous consent to this. You should be able to deny non-essential cookies easily - and just as easily as it is to accept them.
TIP: Don’t want to struggle with cookies anymore? Try a browser plugin like uBlock origin or Cookie AutoDelete to automatically delete cookies.

What does a future without Dark patterns look like?

In a world with the EU Digital Services Act, online platforms must design web services in a way that does not trick users into giving away their personal data. If they fail to do so, they’ll be held accountable.

Let's find out more

What happens when you encounter all these manipulative practices every single day? You might get trapped and addicted to the internet.
Find out about the consequences in the next chapter.
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